According to some studies, integrating video ads in your campaign allows you to play between web culture and creativity…but also to catch the eye of the Internet user. It is also a fun and original format.

One of the advantages of video ads is that it is less invasive than a video, and it can be used on a lot of platforms like Facebook, in your emailings. Since 2017 Facebook validates the use of gifs for Facebook campaigns, Facebook illustrated by a GIF.



Play on the shifting and fun side

Gifs can therefore increase your conversion rate but also play on the offbeat side, you create a real link with your audience. They can tell a story, they can be catchy and they can also entice the user to click on your ad.


Creating a feeling of trust.
You probably know how important it is to create a climate of loyalty and trust with your prospects and clients. By including people in the camera, not objects or simply your company logo or text, you create an emotional bond with your prospects. In other words, a video showing humans allows your customers to ensure their compliance.


A marketing video, a format adapted to smartphones

70% of Internet users browse the Internet from their smartphones. It is therefore very important that your digital content is optimized for mobile devices, that’s where gifs come in. With the arrival of platforms such as Tic Toc or the integration of stories in Instagram, advertisers must adapt to these new formats and new ways of creating content.

By using gifs, you can be sure that you won’t have any compatibility problems.

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Digestible content

The attention span of Internet users is decreasing more and more and in advertising, more than ever a banner with text has almost no impact in the eyes of consumers.

The big advantage of video and gifs is that they require no effort to be read. Unlike a long article or slogans in animated banners, gifs can be read like mimes, we can then call the user to action, show a vivid emotion such as joy, success, just in a few seconds.

The democratization of videos is no longer to be demonstrated but in the years to come we will have to use more and more very short videos. Indeed, platforms like Tik Tok have well understood the powerfull for the futur and to be adapted to the new generation. See also our article about video ads for Facebook