How to make video ads on instagram?

Since 2017, advertisers can make video ads on Instagram. Competition is increasing in 2020, but it is still possible to make an effective video that will attract the interest of Internet users, especially with stories that are not yet widely used. We explain why you should use video ads in instagram.



Why make Instagram ads?
Most people now spend their time watching videos or GIF files on Instagram. ( by the way Tik Tok has understood this, since his business model is based on short videos )
The attention span of Internet users is decreasing, especially among young people, so we have to adapt.


The advantage of paid content:
When you create sponsored content, it is possible to insert it as a link in the call to action of your website, which is not the case with content that you publish for free. Indeed, when you publish for free, you can redirect users to your profile and not to your own website.


A very high engagement rate:
The engagement rate for video ads on instagram is very high. In fact, on Facebook, when you post a video, it can blend in with the heaps of text and images around it that take up space on your screen, which is not the case on instagram.


A few figures:
In 2018, the platform reached the billion active monthly users.
About 35% of Instagram users are between 30 and 50 years old.
60% of Instagram users are young, often in their twenties. That said, there are also 33% of users who are between 30 and 50 years old.
About 120 million users have clicked on the ads after seeing an Instagram ad.

These impressive figures can be explained by the attention paid to the aesthetics of the platform, the relevance of the new tools developed each year, and the user experience, which is very positive.

Create video ads on instagram:
Just like Facebook, anyone can make video ads on Instagram. You can use a square format as well as a landscape format, the square format will be advised before optimizing the space. Finally, you have access to the same targeting tools as on a Facebook campaign!

You can create videos of maximum 60 seconds but we advise you to make videos of 15 to 20 seconds maximum. Indeed, it is largely sufficient to capture the attention, get the message across, and engage an Internet user, beyond that, the user will tend to scroll down and move on to something else. Don’t forget that a video must be understood without sound, we explain the same thing for video ads on Facebook.

Two options for video ads on instagram:
Stories or in the News Feed:


Your Video Ads will appear between two other videos in users’ stories. When they watch their friends’ stories, yours will appear between 2 contacts.


They are certainly the most effective since the ad will take up all the space on the screen.

Read also article about vertical video.

The news feed:
The videos in the news feed will then take up less space on the screen, but it can be a good option to combine it with the stories.

Compare your results and finally keep only the one that generates a click rate that is of interest to you.


For powerful videos in the right instagram format, specially designed for social media advertising and your marketing, go to gifing.


To create advertising videos on instagram, you can go to this link for help and technical explanations:

To create your campaign with the same tools as for video ads on Facebook:

Finally you can look at the study that shows that at least 60% of instagram users have already discovered a product or brand via Instagram.