Facebook has updated in 2017 video ads with the possibility to launch a video automatically. Facebook campaigns have become an effective way to use both in dropshipping, for e-commerce, as well as in affiliate marketing. That said, you need to know how to create content and follow a few rules if you want to make the most of the 8 billions of videos viewed on Facebook every day!

video ads for facebook
video ads for facebook

A good short story:

A video ads for Facebook ad should be short, no longer than 30 seconds. Indeed, the Internet user captures the first 3 to 5 seconds before scrolling his Facebook wall. Your job is therefore to arouse interest or curiosity in the Internet user, and thus create a need for him to click, and to transform the cold traffic into prospects or buyers.

The first few seconds must be original, funny or captivating. That’s the success of platforms like Tik Tok, which relies on very short videos for their content. Tik Tok’s influencers who manage to get a lot of subscribers have certainly understood that a few seconds is enough to get a message across.

Good video ads without the sound:

Your video ads for Facebook must be understood or be funny in the same way when silent. Indeed, many users use their mobile phone with the sound turned off. Your video must be understandable only by images and text.

For the text, be careful to not put too much. The goal is to have a good catchy and that the user who clicks on your ad is interested in your content, not to give information about your company.




Good video ads with a superb thumbnail:


As on Youtube, choose a nice image of good quality with a clear message, a short text and big enough to be readable on mobile. Highlight the product or rather focus on the brand image.


 See also our article about vertical video.


Square format


Facebook is also 80% of videos played from a mobile phone! A square format allows you to optimize space compared to a 16:9 format. Take into account that square formats will be used more and more in the future. If you adapt your ads videos to the square format now, you will be one step ahead of other marketers who do not yet use this simple rule.


Use Gifing platform for your video ads:

Gifing allows you to save on the production of a video ad. Indeed, creating a video ad for your product today is very expensive and can also be counter-productive, depending on what you are targeting.

Thanks to Gifing, you have access to different videos already prepared in several areas such as health, lifestyle, family, business, money, with videos and gifs specially designed to arouse curiosity and interest among your audience. It is the guarantee to lower your costs in video creation and increase your targeted click rate. 

Don’t forget that Facebook users are primarily on this social network to have fun, relax and not to buy. You have to create interest, curiosity or at best need.


Video ads from Gifing: