Today your phone takes a huge place in your life. You may have noticed it, but many of the videos you watch on social networks are in vertical format, tik tok has understood this. It explains why as a marketer, you need to go vertical.


 The evolution of the vertical format

People spend more time on their smartphone and watch more videos on it. Indeed 70% of online traffic on social networks like Youtube is done on smarphone. Moreover, today’s phones are more and more powerful, with high definition video. Creating short videos through your phone is becoming normal.
Many people, especially video professionals are still reluctant to use their phones to produce video content, and this is understandable given the limits, but for those who are advertisers or influencers, it is a new opening for creativity.

vertical video
vertical video is the futur

A “natural” behavior
You hold your phone vertically when you make a call, send a message or even take a picture, which is why many people have started filming vertically. Teenagers are often the first users of social networks, and it’s on Snapchat that vertical video has become the norm. In July 2018, Youtube improved its video player by removing the black bars on the sides.

Smartphone innovation also plays a very important role in this evolution, with the arrival of borderless screens such as the iPhone X or the latest Samsung.


The evolution of advertisers

If you want to publish a video gif, advertisers have become accustomed to offering you a vertical format. Platforms like Gifing offers this kind of content directly to the gallery. Indeed, you can download in a few clicks a square format and then the same video gif in vertical format once subscribed on it . We also explain in our article for the video ads that Facebook has adapted and changed its video format from 1:1 (a square format like on Instagram) to 2:3 because of the explosion of success of the stories.


The example of Youtube and other social networks in vertical format
YouTube encourages advertisers to use this format and some well-known artists such as Camila Cabello have adapted to their target, often young, by creating musical clics in vertical format:

Other social networks have also adapted their tools. This is the case of Periscope with a vertical streaming space and Twitter for the “newsfeed” part.

You can also find a complete guide on how to use Youtube to understand the value of vertical video.

Some advantages of square and vertical videos:
When users hold their smartphone vertically, you gain space to place your product, your message is clearly more readable than in 16:9 where you lose space at the top and bottom of the phone. For instagram ads you will use those formats everytime for your marketing.


Vertical video gif: speed
Everywhere on social networks and Tik Tok the first one has adapted to very short format. Fast videos of 10-15 seconds, up to a maximum of 30 seconds.


A format adapted to film a single protagonist:
Indeed, you can get quickly some limits. The field of view is reduced. Only one person can enter the field of view. It is therefore perfect for youtubers, influencers and anyone doing vlogs. On the other hand, you can forget about movies and complex storytelling with several people to film. 


You know what you have to do. Shoot in vertical format, create your own ad in this format, or simply go to Gifing to save production time and optimize your conversion rates.