video clip for optimizatiom conversion rate

reduce your budget per click thanks animated Gifs and high quality videos

Prenium Videos clips for your marketing 

To offer video gif that is both captivating and original, specially designed for online marketing. Eye-catching content that increases your click-through rates and lowers your cost per click.

Maybe you’d like to stand out from the competition when it comes to social network advertising with offbeat, funny and fresh content?
Maybe you’d like to stop searching and waste time snooping around the web to find an idea for your next ad on Tik Tok that fits your product or industry… Gif Stock Image can help you. 


Who is the content intended for?

Social media managers, web entrepreneurs and web marketing agencies or simply if you want to increase your conversion rate for your communication campaigns thanks video ads. Tired of looking for content that is out of the ordinary and wasting time thinking of a visual hook for your next campaign? Then we can help you.

If you are selling with dropshippingand are looking for a visual idea to get your click through rate for your Facebook ads off the ground then you’ve come to the right place!

If you advertise on instagram, Facebook or Tik Tok and want to stand out in the stories and get more clicks on your ads, then Gifing’s visuals are for you.
If you don’t like to film yourself to make catchy and you’re looking for a short message, produced especially for webmarketing, then yes, you’ve come to the right place.
If you are looking for content already seen like on Getty image or Istock , then leave this site.

Why not use a platform like Giphy?

If you’re a social media manager or a professional marketer, you should know that you don’t have the right to use the images you use from a movie and then make a gif for profit. You need a license, that’s what Gifing offers. You certainly know that images used in advertisements must have a license, you can not use videos or images found on Google image for free. Creations are often protected by copyrights, that’s why you need to protect yourself and obtain licenses to use and re-produce them if you have a commercial use.

Captivating content

Unique content on the web

High commitment rates

Made for webmarketers


Why use the content of the Gifing platform?

There is a production teams who make video gif themselves and update the content, and of course, they produce content specifically targeted for marketing. In addition, the content is available in three different formats (square, story or horizontal) and can therefore be adapted to any advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, TikTok…

Moreover, as the team is constantly producing new visuals in various themes that can correspond to your business sector (money, finance, health, luxury market, clothing, education …), you no longer have to worry about searching for new exclusive content on the Internet, you have access to new visuals every month, which allows you to renew your campaigns and be different in your Facebook ads, your e-mailing or simply on your blog.


Why this kind of content increase the click rate?

The Internet is full of advertising, short stories, fast content from a few seconds to 1 minute, this is the case on many social networks such as Instagram, Facebook stories or Tik Tok. There is a democratization of short videos and it’s why advertising today must stand out from the mass content already present and constantly posted.

With Gifing and this type of content, it is guaranteed to have “ads” that are out of the ordinary and therefore have a much better chance of catching the eye, increase your traffic, your click rate and therefore your conversion rates.

The Internet user is therefore constantly bombarded with videos and ads everywhere, whether it is during these Google searches or when scrolling his Facebook wall, if you want to stand out in ads today, you must create or have original content, fun, and on which the Internet user will stop and click at best.

Many webmarketers often think that the visuals and design of a landing page are not important, we think they are wrong. The time of ugly landing pages without visuals and long text is over. The time of flashing web banners and Facebook ads seen and reviewed too. You want to continue creating horrible visuals that drown in the mass on the Internet? Then leave this site, you don’t deserve to be here.

The new generation will be attracted by animated, beautiful, fun and short content. The new generation is on Tik Tok, they film, they produce, they know the web and social networks as much as you do, and they don’t care about your Facebook ads with a catchphrase from a long brainstorming session that you paid a fortune to a web agency.

Make the difference in your ads with funny, unique content and discover the platform.


How is created the content on the Gifing platform?

The content are produced by film crews from around the world hired by Gifing’s Montreal-based team.
The content is therefore frequently updated, in different areas such as business, love, couples, holidays, health or wellness. When you subscribe to Gifing, you have access to new content constantly published on the platform.

The content is exclusive for Gifing members, the clips are not produced by various videographers around the world who publish their content on the platform as is the case on Istock or Getty image. The content is produced by Gifing themselves, with this mindset of producing animated images that convert your customers.

Everything you use with Gifing is thought out in advance, thought out with mini scenarios to create a universe around the clip. The creator of Gifing is one of those French Webmarketers who have become millionaires on the web, in affiliation and knows very well the use of ads on social networks. You can therefore count on a trained team, specially trained for your marketing and therefore at the end of the chain, get content that will increase your turnover.


What kind of video formats does Gifing provide?

Videos are delivered in 3 different formats (Square, Story and Horizontal). So you don’t have any editing and conversion work to do.  Moreover films are shot in 4K. All files are downloaded in .mp4 or GIF with a free royalty licence.

The image quality is stunning. The actors involved, with personality and good acting. Post-production color correction is also at the top of what you find on the web.

Vertical video: The futur on social media

The mobile phone has become a mini-computer over the years. It has gradually allowed everyone to take photos and then videos of scenes from their daily lives and now share them everywhere on the Internet.

The quality of the camera has greatly improved: Mobiles have made it possible to take pictures of ever higher quality. Today, some smartphones offer 4K rendering. Most of them also have advanced features such as angles, filters, sensors or zooms.
The weight of videos has decreased significantly while the memory of smartphones has increased in parallel. We’ve gone from a storage capacity of a dozen or so videos for a memory of just a few gigabytes to more than a hundred gigabytes.
The arrival of Wifi everywhere, and now 5G allowed smartphone users to share and view creations on the web easily (without having to load them on a computer) and quickly.

Vertical and everywhere video and the Gifing platform allows you to download gif videos in this format in just a few clicks.